Next friendshipcamp will be in Finland!

It will be held:
05 - 12 of July 2008

Looking forward seeing you all!

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Hvidovre Oppegård


Sollentuna Tuusula

Scouts from the twin municipalities

Hvidovre, Denmark
Sollentuna, Sweden
Oppegård, Norway
Tuusula, Finland

have a big camp together every forth year.

It started in 1988 in Sweden, 1992 in Finland, 1996 in Denmark, 2000 in Norway and 2004 Sweden again. More than 3000 scouts have met here, good contacts have been made and many friendships have been created. 
It is now Finlands turn, and the camp will be held 5. – 12. July 2005.
It originally started in 1979 by an invitation from the municipality of Sollentuna to a get-together for scout leaders from the twin municipalities. Afterwards a leader camp was held each year in the municipalities alternately. At these meetings there were discussions and exchange of experience between the different countries. 
The leaders found that also scouts from 10 years and up should take part in this experience and try to participate in the various countries’ traditions and started planning the camps which became a tradition every forth year.

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